junggigo wouldnt treat me like this


140828 Eli & Kevin’ Conversation on Twitter :

Eli : Happy 6year Anniversery Kiss Mes all around the world! We love you all!

KV : @EliKim0313 you spelled anniversary wrong but it’s ok

KV : @EliKim0313 everybody knows you tried everybody knows it’s alright. still love you brotha lol

Eli : @Kevinwoo91 lol oops


Happy 6th anniversary U-KISS!

It’s been an eventful 6 years full of ups and downs but as usual you’ve pulled through and showed us just how resilient you all are. I hope to see you all grow and extend yourselves even further in the years to come, and wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors, whatever they may be and wherever they may lead you. Thank you for all the wonderful experiences and congratulations, U-KISS!


Kevin being Kevin ㅎㅂㅎ

F A V E U - K I S S Moments 57 /  : Kiseop and his random I like it, like it, like it~ From Beautiful Target lol.


140719 Love On U Release Event at LaQua Garden
CR:Hot Korea

A New Year Kiss from Kevin with the help of Hoon (─‿‿─)


131006 Hallyu Dream Concert
CR:Think About U
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U-KISS @ a-nation 2012, 20120826


140615 Yeouido Fansign
CR:Smile Honey
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Problems with the Kpop fandom:

Hyosung’s ASL Ice Bucket challenge causes her black bra to show through her shirt — Everyone and their unborn children are bitching a fit. 

SS501’s leader Kim Hyunjoong accused of beating his now ex-girlfriend — Not a single person bats an eyelash because he’s a precious oppa. 

Sort out your god damn priorities and stop setting a double standard.