beefneck island beefneck island
beefneck island
"this is chicken nugget heaven"
hi i like beefneck beefcake hoon and homo horse kiseop

jeongmin is my jeongman but i think he has rly bad b.o.

dont speak to me unless u got fries


I know things about anteaters.


'Angry' cute Kevin ♥

❝ dancinginthehoonlight asked: You are dating Kiseop. You open his sock drawer to find a stash of Hoon's socks. Not wanting to cause conflict, you question Hoon about it. Hoon is surprised. You are surprised. You go back to Kiseop's apartment. He is worried and asks you why you put a new dresser in his bedroom. You are confused. You both rush into the bedroom. The dresser is gone. ~the end~

w what th e fuckle frackle wh a t

❝ kiseopsburden asked: yeah like the pigeon thing there are so many other things to discuss like google eli kim feet and look at the lil farts picture of his foot like what eli??? feet are so weird why do we even have feet feet are so gross to me yo every time i go check eli's twitter i have to take a deep breath and prepare myself bc feet and foot tattoo and i hope this message made you think a little more about eli kims feet and a little less about him being a ~pigeon~ thank u


ahahahahahaha this literally made me actually lol 






Black moms at their finest

kevin and eric remembering the doggy pile 


Soohyun is not impressed



Kiseop - Kiss Me♥

Title: this is so porn..

Played: 1904 times


kevin panting and whining (ameba studio)