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I’m posting this because there are a handful of KissMes out there who have let ridiculous “Eli’s leaving U-Kiss based on username change” posts freak them out. I ask you to relax and remain calm. Eli himself says he doesn’t know why he changed his own twitter name. Sometimes people do that. We get bored with our user names and just up and change it one day. Eli’s human, he has that right. The most recent paranoid post about Eli leaving based on his user name change is not the first and it sadly won’t be the last, although I surely wish it would be.

I’d also like to address a previous post I saw a week ago that used Eli’s current absence from Simply Kpop as “evidence” that Eli is leaving U-Kiss. To that person I have to question “What kind of a KissMe are you?” You spout that rumor when the answer is simple; Eli hasn’t been on Simply Kpop for the same reason Kevin hasn’t been on ASC, THEY ARE IN JAPAN ON TOUR! People are entitled to their opinions but I really wished some people would keep their unwarranted paranoia to themselves. KissMes have been through enough and don’t need lame baseless rumors getting them in a tizzy.

Eli is still on tour, he’s still on stage, still talking to KissMes, still posting on twitter and Instagram, and will resume his hosting position once the tour is done. The day he stops doing ALL of that will be the day I will start to worry. Until that day, which I hope never comes, just enjoy U-Kiss and ignore paranoid posts.

Also, I plead with you. Should you decide to comment back to someone making up these type of rumors please do it in a civilized fashion. All it takes is one horrid reply to give all us KissMes a bad name. Plus our boys wouldn’t want us to do that.